Corporate Event Valet Parking

Hosting a corporate event? Try adding one of our fully customizable Valet Parking services.  Our Valet Parking services include everything needed to ensure your next event is a success from start to finish.  We know how important the initial and final impression can be, and we are here to help!  From the moment we arrive at your event, you can expect to see well groomed, professional valet parkers in full uniform ready to go. Also, when you choose our custom Valet Parking packages you’re the boss. Simply choose how many people are attending the event, the hours you would like Valet Parking Service, and even choose the specific uniform you want our Valet Parkers to wear for your event.  Then, leave the planning and parking logistics up to us, it’s that simple!  We send a logistics coordinator out to every venue well before your event date to make sure a solid plan is in place to ensure the best service possible. At that time the logistics coordinator will determine the best place for our Valet parkers to set up a podium and staging area for arriving and departing guests. The logistics coordinator will also determine the best possible area to valet park guest’s vehicles, and whether off property or additional parking will be needed.   No matter the size, or type of event, rest assured we have you covered no matter how difficult the operation! Contact us today to book your next event with us!